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Hand sanitizer gel


As simple as it goes

Health and safety of visitors is a primary concern for any public place, be it a restaurant, beauty salon, hotel, night club, sports facility etc. Stick packs of antiseptic gel is a simple yet highly effective way to prevent diseases spread by dirty hands.


Stay protected

Washing hands in a public place doesn’t guarantee sufficient protection from germs. If not regularly disinfected, sinks and faucets in a toilet become a favorable environment for microbes. Clean Stream gel is a personal antiseptic that you can take anywhere you go.


Saves time and money

Clean Stream is an economical solution considering the costs of regular soap, electricity and running water in a restroom.


Just what you need

If you run a hotel business, beauty salon or any other place serving numerous visitors you’ll definitely love how effective, simple, economical and reliable our product is. Bring comfort and ensure the hygiene of your customers with Clean Stream!

Clean hands anytime and anywhere...

Robust shield

For over a century and a half since Louis Pasteur’s advancements in microbiology humankind has been developing ways to protect from bacteria.

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of proper hygiene, yet it is not always possible to ensure optimum protection — like when you’re outdoors, travelling, or being in a public place.

Clean Stream is antiseptic gel in a small and convenient stick package. With its strong effect against a wide spectrum of bacteria, you can carry it almost anywhere and rest assured that your hands are clean whenever you need it.

Take it anywhere...

small and effective

Kills 99% of bacteria in 30 seconds

Your hands stay clean for about 3 hours

Protects from diseases spread by dirty hands - especially important for children

No need to wash the gel off

Dries instantly

pH neutral

Complies with the European hygiene standard EN 1500


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